Are you an empowerer?

Are you leading, guiding, or healing others and in need of new strategies to expand into higher levels of abundance?

Are you ready to take your mission to the next level and need clarity on the best way to use your time, money, and resources?

Would you like to discover the underlying source of your drive to create, change, and heal the world?

I can help you.


It is not an easy path and there are gentler routes.

But once you are ready, I am the fastest and most direct way to realign your life in accordance with the divine plan and your personal destiny.  

If you are ready to step into the truth of your power and become your most authentic self, reach out to me today.






Empowerers Quest

In this one-hour empowerment check-in we’ll discuss your current situation and what type of transformation you are ready for. You’ll receive a Human Design analysis, astrocartography map which will be used to give you a sense of how close you are to the path you want to be on. I’ll discuss recommended next steps which may or may not be follow-up empowerment sessions or a package. These sessions open the door for accelerated growth and are a taste of what working together can become. Must be able to provide birth information.

Empowerment Session

In an initial empowerment session we’ll hone in on your true core virtue for this lifetime. We’ll unpack your life strategies and begin to filter out the limiting thoughts and beliefs that may be preventing you from committing to the major endeavors and healing processes you are ready to begin. After a quick assessment of your current projects and goals, we’ll discover the exact areas where you are resisting growth, analyze the blocks, and allow for the abundance to flow. I’ll follow up with a report on our session, including next steps and references. 

Empowerment for Empowerers

This package is for enlightened leaders ready to transition to their next level of power, authenticity, and abundance. This series of sessions is designed to come full-circle on what you truly want and how you are going to achieve it. After honing in on your true core purpose and envisioning exactly what your outcome will look like, we’ll create a timeline, achievable goals, strategies, deadlines, and an action plan that fully takes into account your current time-commitments, responsibilities, finances, and relationships. This is a powerful process that will forever mark the point in your life when you stepped into the role of hero(ine) of your own journey. 

Empowerment Pilgrimage

Many people opt for a full immersion, which is five sessions in a single week. For this I arrange our trip to a destination of your choice, incorporating additional healing services and activities to augment your ability to hear and respond to your inner wisdom and empower additional guides to help you on your empowerment journey. Choosing a location on earth that invokes powerful inspiration to your spirit and ancestors makes for an incredibly powerful journey. I can also assist you in choosing a location based on your astrocartography lines.

Work Together

Work Together


Katina hosts empowerment sessions in New York City, Western Connecticut, and Northern California, or as arranged internationally.

Each empowerment session is three hours long and conducted in-person.  A full empowerment cycle is seven sessions. After a cycle is complete there is a year of monthly integration support.

For information on specific services offered, contact us via the form below



"I worked with Katina during an "Empowerment for Empowerers" package over the course of six months. Katina provided a safe and creative environment for me to explore previously held assumptions and personal values that were no longer serving me. Working together, she helped me transform my true core virtue into a clear vision with a practical road map. Over the course of our work together I transitioned from a company I had outgrown into an expanded role with more freedom and exponential growth opportunities. I recommend Katina to executives in times of transition and busy professionals looking to channel their grandest ideas into actual outcomes."

- John Mitchell, Chief Product Officer, Joyfully Transforming the Global Food Paradigm

“Before working with Katina, the money I made was only enough to afford my basic expenses. I didn’t know how to contribute effectively to humanity, even though I knew I had a lot to offer. Katina helped me let go of my limiting standards, my beliefs, my drama, and my fears. I stopped playing the victim. I found a deep sense of purpose in my own potential. Two years later, my work has taken on dimensions I could never have imagined. Today, my project provides me with a deep sense of fulfillment. I’ve gained over 50,000 Instagram followers and my programs effect the lives of women throughout Brazil and across the world.”

- Morena Cardoso, Danza Medicina, Empowering Women to Embrace their Wild and Sacred Feminine Essence

"I would describe an empowerment session with Katina as a gift to yourself; a way to take yourself seriously and tap into your truest intuitions. Each session feels like a real luxury. I don’t usually find myself in a position to discuss my deepest dreams and aspirations in such great detail and in the presence of so much love and support. I felt high after each session! It was intoxicating to be on the receiving end of so much thoughtful attention.  I’ve seen enormous benefits after only our second session. I’m now determined to make a really big change in my life, to move towards a life full of my creative work. I’m so determined to make all of this happen, that it’s become harder for me to get through my regular work day. This probably means I need another empowerment session..."

- Zeina Nasr, Performance Artist and Producer, Empowering Performers to Find their Unique Voice



Are you ready to discover your true core virtue

and become the empowerer

you are meant to be?




If you are interested in stepping into your highest potential, reach out to us via this form and we'll get back to you with additional details.

Empowerment Quests can be arranged via video conference. All other services will be arranged in person.


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