Katina hosts empowerment sessions in New York City, Western Connecticut, and Northern California, or as arranged internationally.

Each empowerment session is three hours long and conducted in-person.  A full empowerment cycle is seven sessions. After a cycle is complete there is a year of monthly integration support.

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"I worked with Katina during an "Empowerment for Empowerers" package over the course of six months. Katina provided a safe and creative environment for me to explore previously held assumptions and personal values that were no longer serving me. Working together, she helped me transform my true core virtue into a clear vision with a practical road map. Over the course of our work together I transitioned from a company I had outgrown into an expanded role with more freedom and exponential growth opportunities. I recommend Katina to executives in times of transition and busy professionals looking to channel their grandest ideas into actual outcomes."

- John Mitchell, Chief Product Officer, Joyfully Transforming the Global Food Paradigm

"I would describe an empowerment session with Katina as a gift to yourself; a way to take yourself seriously and tap into your truest intuitions. Each session feels like a real luxury. I don’t usually find myself in a position to discuss my deepest dreams and aspirations in such great detail and in the presence of so much love and support. I felt high after each session! It was intoxicating to be on the receiving end of so much thoughtful attention.  I’ve seen enormous benefits after only our second session. I’m now determined to make a really big change in my life, to move towards a life full of my creative work. I’m so determined to make all of this happen, that it’s become harder for me to get through my regular work day. This probably means I need another empowerment session..."

- Zeina Nasr, Performance Artist and Producer, Helping Sound Artists Find their Unique Voice